Chief Advisor to the REDETE Network

Prof. Vassilios Fouskas
University of East London, UK

Call for Papers:

University of Banja Luka & Marche Polytechnic University
The 10th REDETE Conference 2023

Title: “Economic Rejuvenation, Entrepreneurship, and Government in Times of Global Crisis: The View from the Periphery”

Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, B&H,
October 26-27, 2023

The world is in turmoil. The war in Ukraine set Russia against all NATO powers, disrupting global supply chains and scrapping plans for sustainable development across the world. Russia, effectively, stopped supplying oil and gas to the EU and the EU turned to American LNG, a monumental project as it requires an entirely new infrastructure still to be built. In 2022, the USA produced two bills, the Inflation Reduction Act and the Chips & Science Act, which are deeply protectionist and against WTO rules aiming at bringing the semi-conductor and high-tech industry back to the USA. European industry is in disarray. Germany’s BASF, the largest chemical industry in the world, hit by the sanctions against Russia downsized and moved to China. In this global and European context, what are the views coming from the periphery? What are the prospects for sustainable entrepreneurship and economic rejuvenation in the Balkans? Is membership of the EU something to aspire to? Will the protectionist measures of the USA affect decision-makers in other countries to do the same?

The aim of the 10th REDETE Conference is to encourage researchers, practitioners and policy makers to contribute to our understanding of the challenges faced by countries and regions in the periphery.

Topics of interest include:

Economic development: public policy and welfare state regimes in the region; integration and social tolerance; sustainable economic development and public policy models.

Regional development: clustering and networking; interfirm relations; regional innovation ecosystems; foreign direct investments; role of banks and financial markets; role of infrastructure.

Entrepreneurship and innovation: new firm formation and firm dynamics; university-industry collaboration; academic entrepreneurship; innovation in transition economies; entrepreneurial and SMEs financing.

Social development: population dynamics; social policies, poverty and exclusion; legal systems, corruption and inequality.

International trade: regional economic integrations, international trade institutions/the role of the GATT and the WTO, supply chains, protectionism.

Migration: migrant and refugee crises; migrant socio-economic integration; brain drain; remittances; return migration; migrant entrepreneurship; migration policies.

Political economy and governance: current trends and issues including corruption of different forms.

All papers presented to the REDETE conference will be considered for publication by the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (Routledge-Taylor & Francis, 8 issues annually since 1998 They will also be considered for publication in the conference proceedings.

Submission information:

Extended abstracts of about 300-700 words may be submitted up to the end of May 2023 to the address:

Important dates:

September 30, 2023 - Abstracts submission close
July 15, 2023 - Notification of acceptance

Conference advisor

Vassilis K. Fouskas, University of East London

Scientific committee

Jovo Ateljević, BiH
Donato Iacobucci, Italy
Ron A. Boschma, Netherlands
Roy Thurik, The Netherlands
Schampa Roy-Mukherjee, UK
Giulia Betin, Italy
Jelena Budak, Croatia
Vassilis Fouskas, UK
Ana Mugoša, Montenegro
Andreas Stergiou, Greece
Ilija Stojanović, U.A. Emirates
Nikša Alfirević, Croatia
Andrew Burke, UK
Peter Rosa, UK
Dejan Jović, Croatia
Joern Kleinert, Austria
Predrag Bjelić, Serbia
Diego d’Adda, Italy
Kivanc Ulusoy, Turkey
Ruta Adis, USA
Dragan Gligorić, BiH
Ljiljana Eraković, N. Zealand
Saša Petković, BiH
Dragan Milovanović, BiH
Maja Đukić Ivanović, Serbia
Suzana Stefanović, Serbia
Francesco Perugini, Italy
Milenko Krajišnik, BiH
Valentina Giannini, Italy
Georgios Panos, UK
Marijan Cingula, Croatia
Marjan Svetličić, Slovenia
Nemanja Berber, Serbia

For all relevant information about the Conference please visit the website:

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to welcoming you to the 10th REDETE Conference 2023